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About Rovumo Our Health & Safety

Our Health & Safety

Empowered Safety: Our Firm Dedication to HSE in Every Step

At Rovumo Holdings (Pty) Ltd., safety is not just a priority; it’s a commitment woven into the fabric of every operation, in accordance with South African & African Safety Laws and the South African Mine Health and Safety Act. Our stringent safety processes serve as robust controls, ensuring the well-being of our employees at every stage of their work.

From comprehensive risk assessments to meticulous safety training programs, we empower our team with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate their roles with utmost care and confidence, adhering rigorously to legislative requirements. We go beyond mere compliance, setting higher standards for health and safety in the dynamic coal and minerals mining industry with initiatives towards loss-control and zero harm, integrated into all our operations.

We believe that a safe workplace is the foundation for success, fostering a culture where every employee actively contributes to maintaining a secure environment. Our dedication to health extends beyond policies; it’s a shared responsibility embraced by each member of our team. At Rovumo Holdings (Pty) Ltd., we are not just committed to safety – we are devoted to empowering every individual to prioritize health in every step they take, guided by the principles of African Safety Laws and the South African Mine Health and Safety Act.