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Clinical & Analytical Laboratory Equipment

We supply world-class equipment, spares and consumables to Coal & Minerals, Environmental & Medical Laboratories in the Greater African Regions.

Quality Assured

Equipment Manufactured in accordance to International Standards and Certified Internationally .

Proven Value

Our commercially successful Equipment has a proven track record of over two decades. Ensuring CPA and reduced maintenance costs.

Service Guarantee

Standard 12-month warranty. Expertly trained maintenance technicians. Dedicated after sales support team.

Diverse & Complete Supply

We supply laboratory equipment to Coal & Mineral Testing, Metallurgical, Environmental, Agricultural, Textile, Medical, Hepatological, Veterinary, Oil & Gas and other industries, enquire about our wide range of available options.

Value-added Service

Our team consists of experts across most industries thus providing not only equipment supply but also exceptional assistance in laboratory setup and design. Offering electrical installation, effluent and waste management, fittings and furnishings etc.

Enriched after sales Service

We at Rovumo believe that training creates pathways for accurate determinations, effective operation of equipment and instruments, leading to enhanced longevity and reduction of unwanted costs. Therefore we provide training on all our equipment as standard.

Our Valued Clients include

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