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About Rovumo

About Rovumo

Our Story

Expertise. Applied.

Our corporate group maintains a trajectory of expansion while consistently delivering invaluable insights and services to our esteemed clients. We prioritize trust, integrity, and unwavering dedication in all our endeavors.

Rovumo remains dedicated to continual development, enhancement, and growth, contributing substantial value to our clients’ projects and leveraging expertise across diverse business disciplines.

Our commitment extends to fostering enduring relationships and ensuring sustainable development within each respective industry.

Thinking ahead

Rovumo believes in a better tomorrow. We maintain a low footprint across all our business lines and ensure that we minimize process waste and lower our environmental impact.


We value the principles of efficiency in all we do. Putting focus to the task at hand.


We value the principle of commitment. Providing excellence in service is ours.

Application of Skill

We take pride in applying our Skills and expertise to what we do and bring the best forward to our clients.

JJ Jv Rensburg

Operations Director

Rovumo Group

Company Profile

Landi van Vuuren

Managing Director