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Rovumo News Rovumo News – February 2024 – Rovumo Structure Updates

Rovumo News – February 2024 – Rovumo Structure Updates

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Rovumo Structure Updates. Introducing Rovumo Holdings (Pty) Ltd.

For the past six months we have been hard at work at refining our business process approach. Rovumo Holdings (Pty) Ltd. now takes the center piece in our multi-faceted Organization. As the name suggests, Rovumo Holdings (Pty) Ltd. serves as the parent to our other service provision and sales companies.

Having continually grown in presence and service offerings, it was necessary for us to take a step back and ensure that we had a center point from where we could manage and control our Operations more effectively. All whilst ensuring that group policy and group quality controls were effectively offered throughout all our various entities.

This earmarks another great step in our journey towards growth and excellence, and we are excited about the opportunities it brings for growth, innovation, and enhanced service delivery across Rovumo Grow, Rovumo Consult, Rovumo Scientific, Rovumo Med, and Rovumo Tech.

The establishment of Rovumo Holdings (Pty) Ltd. also brings with it a shuffle to some priorities within our Organization and subsequently all our Mineral-based services will be dealt with directly through Rovumo Holdings (Pty) Ltd. We feel that our Minerals services is at the core of our Business and as such we prioritize all such activities with Holdings.

To our incredible team, clients, and partners, thank you for your ongoing support. This new chapter wouldn’t be possible without your dedication and trust. Stay tuned for even more exciting developments as we embark on this journey together.

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